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The Construction Sector has previously faced difficulties not only in compiling and sharing project information, but doing it securely and compliantly. With construction projects becoming increasingly complex and expensive - and with managers under greater pressure to improve costs, timelines, and efficiencies - the need for technology is key to driving your business forward.

Whether your requirements include Unified Communications, Cloud, Security & Compliance or Network & Infrastructure aspects, GCI is able to provide a fully-managed service to help you evolve with the new age of construction. GCI’s services positively impact every stage of the project lifecycle; from document control and integration as designs progress from sketches to construction documents, through to data-driven platforms that help you track progress, performance and visualise data for reporting and analytics. Our collaboration platforms enable site workers, project managers and stakeholders to stay in touch on-the-go, whilst our security services ensure that the data that travels with them stays protected on any device. Plus, with our Rapid Deployment Services, your site will be up and running faster and you’ll remain connected to the internet at all times.

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"Switching from our previous solution to Office 365 has had a real cost benefit to us – there are no more expensive surprises when hardware needs to suddenly be replaced. GCI recommended the exact product that we needed, and also do an exemplary job of managing it for us."
Jamie Turner, Technical Director - SMD


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