1st April 2015 by GCI

Business as usual with GCI's Hosted Desktop service

Most of us will have been affected by the recent arctic conditions that have hit the UK, but what impact does it have on businesses and how can these issues be addressed?


Back in 2013, The Centre for Economic and Business Research estimated that winter snow costs the UK economy up to £900 million a day, with figures increasing up to the present day. The reasons for this? Most of those affected were stranded at home due to ice and snow, with other employees worried about safety on the roads. Furthermore, school closures affected parents’ ability to go to work with many staying at home to look after children. Most remarkably however, is the idea that 76% of employees feel businesses should be better prepared for the adverse weather.

What can you do?

There are many technologies that allow ‘business as usual’ in events such as these. Why not consider investing in GCIs Hosted Desktop service to enable your staff to work remotely without any restrictions when they can’t get into the office.

GCIs Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Desktop is a full featured Windows 8 style experience delivered from the cloud. One of the key advantages of this approach is that users can connect to their desktops from almost any location on a wide variety of devices. Security is enhanced as critical data never leaves the data centre and is never stored locally on user devices.

Why Host your Desktop with GCI?
  • Supports mobile and telecommuting workforce
  • Secure, instant access to files, applications and email from almost any location
  • Allow users to connect to company data on personal devices without having to worry about data security
  • Highly secure infrastructure
  • Protect your data from walking away on laptops and mobile devices
  • Continual monitoring of the platform by GCI will identify and remove viruses and other malware
  • Securely located in the UK in our ISO 27001 data centres
  • Customised security policies and directory permissions for all employees
  • Fully redundant data storage and routine back-up
  • Fixed monthly fee per user
  • GCI can work with you to deploy customised or bespoke applications
  • Eliminate capital expenditures on servers, networking technology, and software