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The Overview

Requirement: Automated CRM
GRITIT needed a CRM system which could automate the capture of certain data in order to reduce processing time, whilst improving accuracy and customer communication.

Winter-maintenance company GRITIT provides gritting and snow clearance services for commercial property sites across the UK. Founded in 2004, the company works with up to 250 staff in Winter to make sure that its clients’ properties stay safe to use. GRITIT is also the winner of numerous awards, has appeared in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list, and has received multiple industry accreditations.

The nature of GRITIT’s business means it is imperative to track all data surrounding its services and clients. The company must always keep extensive records to ensure that its customers do not face legal challenges from its visitors or tenants for negligence during periods of adverse or dangerous weather conditions. GRITIT has expanded rapidly, and was finding that its process of manually logging data surrounding weather conditions and work it had undertaken ineffective. The company has an aggressive five-year growth strategy and a strong IT infrastructure to automate this process was therefore sought, which would enable it to improve work delegation and communication with customers for a high-quality service. With GCI’s background in providing solutions to a wide range of legal organisations, GRITIT was confident that GCI had strong knowledge and experience of potential compliance issues, and asked them to provide a robust CRM platform.

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The Solution


To meet GRITIT’s automation demands, GCI designed a highly-secure CRM platform using Microsoft Dynamics, hosted privately on Enterprise-grade servers through the Cloud. GCI developed many bespoke features to supplement GRITIT’s solution, including an integrated weather forecast aggregation which could collect 15,000 cells of data, supplied in a raw Microsoft Excel file. The CRM platform could then instantly integrate this information with the company’s list of clients’ sites, immediately telling GRITIT if a location required treatment within 24 hours so it could quickly act on its clients’ behalf to make their properties safer. Other features specially developed were an app which would send notification emails to specific individuals regarding target job sites, and a pre- and post-email notification system to alert customers of gritting and snow clearance.


As a result of GCI’s CRM solution, GRITIT has minimised the total amount of time it takes to integrate weather reports, apply this information to clients’ sites and flag jobs that need processing. The result is an end-to-end process totalling around six minutes, which the company has revealed is a huge improvement compared to their old manual system of data logging. The strong notifications system has also proven essential for the company, allowing it to service sites to avoid disruption and communicate to anyone who would be potentially affected by the work what has happened and when. GRITIT has reported that the automatically-generated emails sent totalled approximately 150,000 emails during the first Winter – a number which would have consumed huge amounts of manpower to achieve manually. The company was also pleased that, as the CRM is Cloud-based, its geographically-dispersed workforce could easily access the data no matter their location. GRITIT now plans to work with GCI during the summer months to make sure that its IT infrastructure is fully capable of supporting its rapid development.