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Infrastructure Upgrade - Legal Sector - Laceys Solicitors

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Laceys Solicitors



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The Overview

Requirement: Infrastructure upgrade

Laceys chose their long-term partner Blue Chip, a GCI company, to implement a brand-new IT infrastructure to ensure the very best security was in place for protecting their customers’ data.


The Client

Founded in 1860, Laceys Solicitors is a 100 person-strong firm of lawyers operating in both business and personal law from three locations in Dorset. They have won multiple industry awards and endorsements, including eight Law Society accreditations, the Lexcel accreditation quality mark for 12 consecutive years, and recognition in the prestigious Legal 500 guide to the best law firms across eight separate areas of practice.

Following the acquisition of Horsey Lightly Finn (HLF) in 2015, Laceys needed to merge both IT infrastructures to ensure continuity for staff and clients alike. They chose their long-term partner of a decade – Blue Chip, a GCI company – to help them achieve this, with the amalgamation taking place over a single weekend to ensure minimum disruption. The successful merger of their infrastructures worked well for Laceys in the short-term; however, the company expressed a desire to replace some of their systems that were reaching “end of life” to negate the risk of malicious threats penetrating their systems. Due to the nature of their business, security is of paramount importance, and the company wanted to invest further to ensure their infrastructure was as safe and robust as possible. They asked Blue Chip to design a solution once more.

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The Solution

To ensure that Laceys Solicitors would have a high-performance, resilient infrastructure that could scale with them as the company grew, Blue Chip implemented a fully-virtualised environment. Based on two HP servers that would act as VMware hosts within the core infrastructure, enough resource would be provisioned within these hosts to allow for host failure to have minimal impact on the business services. The company could also then take advantage of other VMware software, which would provide two key functions - minimising downtime by providing automatic restarts and allowing maintenance to be carried while the environment is live with little to no disruption, which often isn’t possible in a traditional physical server. Blue Chip’s wealth experience in the legal sector meant that they knew this was essential for a business like Laceys, who regularly work with complex, time-sensitive case data.

Blue Chip also introduced a Storage Area Network (SAN) as a central platform for all VMs and data within Laceys’ environment. This offers high-performance scalable storage, as well as allowing the aforementioned advanced features within VMware to run. To further enhance their level of protection, Blue Chip also installed their own, multi-layered hosted mail gateway. Offering advanced anti-spam analysis with upwards of a 98% detection rate, the solution limits the amount of suspicious emails that manage to enter the infrastructure by performing rigorous checks in a hosted off-site environment. A cost-effective and flexible method, the “per-mailbox” model allows for easy scalability should new employees start within the company, and Laceys are kept informed of potential threats as any emails flagged suspicious are summarised in a regular notification, giving them the opportunity to release, block or whitelist future communications.


Laceys Solicitors now have an ultra-secure, high-performance infrastructure that also delivers the scalability and resiliency they need for the future, as well as robust protection to negate malicious threats entering the company. Additional benefits include an improved end user experience and reduced management requirements, allowing their IT Manager to spend less time on the day-to-day running of the environment and more of his time on research and development of their systems.