Ticketing Network East Midlands Case Study

Requirement: Cloud migration

GCI migrated Ticketing Network East Midlands to the GCI Cloud to provide the retailer with more secure and resilient online transactions.

The Client

Launched to co-manage their ticketing and CRM system, Ticketing Network East Midlands (TNEM) was founded by four leading arts organisations in Nottingham; Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Playhouse, Lakeside Arts Centre and Dance4. The system was designed to significantly increase the personal giving, sales and marketing capacity of the non-profit cultural sector in Nottingham, with the potential to expand across the East Midlands as more members joined the consortium. TNEM allows customers to make bookings via phone, web or in person at the Box Office, with all transactions routing through to the same application. While this allows TNEM to make ticketing sales 24/7, it required a secure and resilient connection to do so, and the co-operative knew that it would need more support moving forward. When its service contract with the council came up for renewal, the company decided it was time to explore other options.

Although TNEM was not suffering from any critical issues, it found that it had little-to-no flexibility or scalability with the existing provider’s solution. Determined to improve its customer service levels and with the service contract with Nottingham City Council nearing renewal, TNEM decided that it was the right time to adopt new technologies. However, with hundreds of calls coming through every day, the company was worried that anything less than a smooth migration could cause delays and affect business, especially with the busy Christmas period approaching. TNEM was therefore unwilling to take any risks that would affect its levels of customer support and profit, and wanted a trustworthy partner. They approached GCI to recommend a solution that would enable it to overcome these challenges.

Technical Solution

TNEM carefully consulted with the GCI team, where it was agreed that the best solution was to migrate the company’s systems to the GCI Cloud, with the project implemented in two phases. However, there was only a single opportunity in a three-day period where a migration could take place without impacting on business continuity, so the project needed to be very carefully executed and managed.

For the first phase of the solution, GCI moved TNEM’s entire environment from Nottingham City Council into the GCI Cloud, resulting in a far more flexible and scalable solution that could grow with the company to meet its increasing demands as the business grows. To see how this solution was working compared to the former environment from Nottingham City Council, TNEM ran some basic tests. These revealed that, despite the fact that it was still using legacy servers within the GCI Cloud, performance levels had already increased. The second phase then began, which saw GCI upgrading TNEM to a bespoke, purpose-built environment in the New Year. There was a similar strict deadline to the first phase, with the GCI team working to accelerate the process through stringent project planning and completing on time and under budget.

Success and Company Benefits

All of Ticketing Network East Midlands’ systems have now been fully migrated to the GCI Cloud, resulting in a flexible and reliable IT environment that has solved the company’s challenges and can grow as the company does. TNEM was also delighted with the professionalism exhibited by the GCI team at all times as well as their dedication in supporting the deployment and working as a team to successfully complete the project.

Annie Scally, Project Manager at Ticketing Network East Midlands, said: “As a Customer Service specialist, I have massively high expectations in this area and GCI have excelled and exceeded them on every occasion. The team never failed to deliver, even when we had to contact them at weekends in between project and support stages. Every member of staff we have come into contact with on this project was friendly, informative and knowledgeable. Assuming this is the GCI standard, the company will continue to flourish.”

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