Case study title

Unified Communications - Sport Sector - Arsenal Football Club

Client Name

Arsenal Football Club



The Overview

Unified Communications services in the Sport Sector, providing a Contact Centre that enabled a structured and efficient single touch point for customers.

Steeped in history and tradition, Arsenal Football Club has thrived on a pioneering and innovative spirit that has existed since it was founded in 1886. While society and football may have changed during this time, Arsenal has always served to create a sense of community for people across the UK and now around the world.

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  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Sales Growth
  • Social Media Integration
  • Structure and Efficiency

The Challenge

After their move from Highbury to the new Emirates Stadium, Arsenal FC realised that their customer contact centre was not effective at dealing with the many sales enquiries that came in from around the world:

-Each of their product lines, such as match ticket sales, stadium hours and soccer schools, had their own dedicated telephone number.

-This totalled 15 independent lines, each with its own specialist sales agent.

-This ‘siloed’ approach resulted in lost cross selling and upselling opportunities

-All of the inefficiencies in the system ultimately resulted in a poor customer experience for Arsenal's customers.

The Solution

During the consultative sales process, it was determined that Arsenal FC needed to consolidate their product offerings and centralise their sales agents in order to provide a cohesive, structured and efficient single touch point for customers who needed information or wanted to purchase any one of the multiple product lines. The solution needed to be scalable and provide measurable results.

Based on these customer requirements, GCI designed and deployed a Customer Experience centre along with 750 IP telephony handsets.

The system provides a graphically rich and tightly integrated solution, which incorporates the Voice platform to offer fully extended telephony and Unified Communications features.

New work and call flows were created along with new scripts for inbound call handling, and incorporation of email and a sales agent training process was instigated.

Arsenal’s Customer Experience Centre allows for social media integration, so that companies can respond, inform, and notify consumers while also directing and routing messages to the most appropriate resource.

The solution integrates, in a single user interface, all the tools required to configure, control and measure Contact Centre activities:

Routing: the routing matrix concept brings a visual way to control call flows.

Visual IVR: featured IVR with graphical script editor.

Monitoring: real time KPI of all steps, from entry points (services) to agents.

Reporting: statistics dashboards with Excel based reporting, customisation wizard, report scheduling and email delivery.

Configuration: Configuration of all objects with only one interface: Agents, Skills, Routing points and Switch extensions.

The Executive and Board… implemented a solution that meets the demands of a global brand and which can support their commercial strategy for brand promotion to Arsenal’s fan base. In addition, there has been a significant increase in service levels and sales growth that are directly attributable to the implementation.

The Finance Team… have provided an investment that’s enabled the sales agents to become much more effective at selling. Each team member is now able to discuss a variety of products, whereas before each agent could only sell their specific area. Not only has this led to an increase in sales but also to a more productive and happier team.

The IT team… have procured a solution that dramatically improves sales and customer satisfaction. In addition they have delivered a multi-channel contact centre that enables customers to interact with Arsenal via the channel that they wish.

The fan base… has benefitted from clarity of information that is provided much more efficiently as well as the ability to more easily purchase merchandise and game tickets.