15th August 2017

By Karen Mellor, Business Development Manager, GCI.

It’s August and you know what that means! The new Football season is now underway.

Are you a Red or a Blue? How did you choose? Was it the way you were brought up or did you make your own decision later in life?

The same preference applies to technology:

Are you Cloud or on-Premise? There are benefits to both services and every business will have their own preference or maybe a unique compliance requirement which makes a business keep everything in-house.

It’s true, On-Prem allows you to be in control of your data, hardware and applications. It gives you the ability to configure, upgrade and make changes to your applications without the reliance on internet connection or WAN.

Cloud services enable the mobile workforce and provides employees with the ability to work from anywhere, anytime on any device. Adopting agile working creates a more responsive, efficient and effective organisation, which improves business performance and increases employee satisfaction rates.

Surveys have revealed that by the end of 2017 over 50 percent of UK organisations are likely to have adopted flexible working and over 70 percent of organisations will have followed suit by 2020.

Cloud services offer the highest form of security within data centres and across all networks. This type of security is beyond the affordability of what most businesses can apply to an on-premise service to meet security and compliance requirements. When utilising Cloud Services, hardware/software compatibility, upgrades and maintenance is a thing of the past as it becomes the responsibility of the service provider which allows businesses to focus on the core of their business.

For some businesses, the ability to scale their IT services up or down is crucial. Take an online retailer for example, they will be fully aware of the demands on their website during peak seasons like Christmas. For them, having the ability to instantly scale up during busy periods allows them to better serve their customers in a cost effective way, as they are only paying for what they consume. This scaling is made even more seamless with platforms like Microsoft Azure, which can be programmed to automatically scale up or down as demand changes. Utilising the cloud also enables you to transition from CAPEX to OPEX based cost models.

At GCI, we don’t care if you’re a Red or a Blue – we can assist you with On-Premise services, Cloud Services or a Hybrid of the two.

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Karen Mellor is a Business Development Manager at GCI

A motivated professional possessing a strong commitment to quality customer service with superb communication skills. Karen is responsible for building customer loyalty by effectively resolving problems, assisting with the digital transformation journeys and challenges of GCI’s valued customers.