6th May 2015 by GCI

GCI launch GCI Globe to provide quicker and more effective customer service

Last year, GCI launched the GCI Globe to provide a quicker and more effective level of customer service for GCI clients.


The GCI Globe is a free tool that allows customers to easily connect with GCI engineers and obtain technical information about the computer they are using.

By providing GCI with user details, you can instantly click through to our website, your customer portal, log a support ticket via a pre-populated email that outlines all information GCI require, and even grab and send a screen-shot through one click.

Other features include attended remote control; a form of backup assistance when your usual control is out of use.

Finally, sometimes you may need to test for Internet access, renew your IP address, update network policies or display system information in order to fix an issue. With the GCI Globe, you are empowered to use an easy and efficient automated service to reduce downtime and increase your levels of productivity.

GCI are pleased to announce updates for the GCI Globe, which now has the following features:
  • Access to your user details and customer portal
  • Link access to the GCI Derby website
  • Log a support ticket via email
  • Send a screenshot via email
  • Start a remote session with a GCI engineer
  • Test for internet access
  • Renew your IP address
  • Update your network policies
  • Show your system information