5th November 2015 by GCI

GCI Have Been Awarded the ICT Contract For Essential Fleet Services

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ICT contract for Essential Fleet Services (EFS) combining our private WAN, cloud, voice, co-location, service desk, on-site hardware and support, security, and mobile offerings all into one fully managed agreement.


Originating from Kier Group, EFS required one organisation to deliver, manage and service their entire ICT environment delivering flexibility, low costs and streamlined management overheads.

The existing WAN was public internet based which was proving to be slow and costly. As such, GCI designed a private, high performance and very resilient MPLS network allowing all sites to connect together across our brand new state-of-the-art 10Gbps Network.

With EFS’s core business relating to nationwide fleet management, EFS had critical applications that needed to be live 24×7. In addition, Kier Group were migrating away from the existing platforms and systems meaning everything needed to be designed as new in line with EFS’s current and future needs. In order to deliver EFS’s bespoke critical applications and server requirements, GCI provided a private and fully managed Hosted Desktop product allowing EFS’s users to access all applications and data from a central point within GCIs core network. This not only offered improved performance, but also meant that all servers, storage and applications were managed in GCIs Tier 3 ex-NATO bunker which is both PCI compliant and ISO complaint.

Whilst the core of EFS’s business was supported by GCIs private cloud and network, GCI also offered co-location and SIP trunks which allowed EFS to re-utilise their existing PBX within GCIs environment. This allowed EFS to reduce the risk of having to replace the existing PBX but also offered significant cost savings too. In addition to this, GCIs Vodafone Platinum status provided EFS with a highly bespoke mobile contract. This was highly beneficial to EFS as it offered major cost savings, new devices to every user and true contract flexibility.

In conjunction with these services, GCI also provided on-site thin-client infrastructure with some existing on-premise switches, whilst also re-utilising and managing laptops and desktops. This again allowed EFS to save a considerable amount of capex. These re-utilised devices were re-configured by GCI and then taken under GCIs management and technical support.

Finally, GCI provided one pro-active and award winning 24×7 service desk to EFS that allowed them to have a single point of contact for all of their management and support needs. The provision of 3rd party ticket also means that if a device is faulty but not under the scope of GCI, GCI will gladly generate a ticket and pass all relevant information onto the third party and contacts enabling them to fix or resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Simon Johnson, Account Director for Essential Fleet Services, comments, ‘EFS had not previously engaged with GCI however once they had reviewed the market, they realised  that their requirements of first class support and low cost flexibility were extremely demanding and that only a handful of companies in the UK could offer this . We look forward to continuing to build the EFS Account Plan and working with EFS as a trusted partner.’