30th March 2015 by GCI

GCI invests £2 million into new state-of-the-art core network

GCI have made a series of improvements to its infrastructure, the most significant being the upgrade of the core network. Almost £2 million has been invested into a robust, reliable, feature rich state-of-the-art Juniper core network delivering connectivity speeds of up to 10GB. The introduction of this new infrastructure will further enhance network reliability and security as well as significantly increase user performance to GCI customers.


Our customers will be supported by a Juniper MX960 multi-service platform, capable of delivering 9.92 Terabits per second. The Network will be built around five key PoP sites that will provide the 10GB backbone for the wider network. Built for ultimate resiliency our new network is self-healing and enhanced for accuracy and the quick deployment of service. Salford, our key site within the 10GB core, is serviced by two resilient MX960 routers, while the other key PoP sites are serviced by a single resilient MX960 router.

Phil Smith, Chief Operations Officer at GCI comments, ‘Our new network uses the right combination of technologies that have permitted us to build the most advanced and progressive core network. Our vendors meet our strict technical requirements as well as ticking the box on robustness and geographical diversity. There is no doubt that this new network will help us increase operational efficiency.’

Adrian Thirkill, Chief Executive Officer at GCI adds, ‘Our network will offer substantial benefits to any customer looking to drive forward within their industry. This new investment will allow us to offer higher-quality services to our customers, so that they, in turn, can provide high quality services to their customers.’?

This new investment represents the next step in connectivity with services capable of facilitating an ever growing demand for higher bandwidth and data. With our new core network GCI will be able to provide an even wider range of connectivity driven products.

This new core network has been designed to support businesses now and well into the future and we feel confident that GCI customers will continue to benefit from this advanced service.