6th April 2017

GDPR’s unification of data protection standards across the European Union has raised the privacy bar on personal data by requiring organisations to locate, understand its purpose and appropriately secure it — no matter where it lives or how it is shared. It will change every customer facing organisation and a majority of organisations are still completely unaware of GDPR and PCI. GCI understand that preparing yourself for compliance can be challenging, so we’ve simplified it into a Triple A (AAA) approach. Assessment, Advice, Action.

GDPR Assessment

The stakes are high for UK businesses as the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on May 25th 2018, requiring every business handling data to meet stringent new requirements or face hefty fines.

“Last year, we issued more than one million pounds in fines for breaches of the Data Protection Act so it’s not a power we’re afraid to use.” Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner at the ICO

GDPR Briefing Events

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU legislation set to replace the existing Data Protection Act (DPA) and it’s far more rigorous. Significantly, organisations will have an obligation to perform data erasure in response to individuals’ exercising their ‘right to be forgotten’ – that is, the right to withdraw their consent to your storing or using their personal data. No organisation is safe from Hacker Attacks nor GDPR:

What’s the cost of the General Data Protection Regulation?

  • Firms can be fined up to £20m or 4% of their annual turnover.
  • Until May 2018, The Information Commissioner’s Office can only levy £500,000.
  • Tesco – whose breach affected 40,000 customers – would have faced a £14.9m fine under the new GDPR legislation.

GDPR Advice

GDPR is the biggest upheaval in how data is handled in 20 years and there’s now less than a month to become compliant.

Preparation is key and GCI and Gilson Gray are here to help. Aimed at business decision makers including CIO/CTO/CFO and CCO level, GCI and multi award winning law firm Gilson Gray are running a series of free events in Glasgow and Edinburgh to help you discover the steps and measures you can put in place to secure your business without running the risk of being non-compliant. Our informative session will also demonstrate real life examples of how GCI’s solutions can support your GDPR planning.

Can’t make the events? Download our free GDPR resource pack here: //

GDPR Events from GCI and Microsoft

GCI’s products and services are specifically designed to help organisations achieve GDPR compliance on-time, on-budget and with the minimum amount of business disruption.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that empowers your employees to work collaboratively, securely and on the go. Combining Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365 can help you achieve compliance with the GDPR regulation, as well as helping secure your mobile workforce, protecting your intellectual property, and proactively detecting and preventing cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Windows 10:  Part of Microsoft 365, Windows 10 helps your business minimise risk and cost by enabling you to streamline management across devices and enabling you to secure corporate applications with identity-drive protection. Ultimately, this enables you to meet evolving workplace regulations and accelerate GDPR compliance.

Enterprise Mobility + Security: Part of Microsoft 365, EMS comprises a suite of five Microsoft services designed to enable organisations to provide staff secure access to corporate applications while at home, travelling or in the office. This includes encrypting documents, which requires authentication of the user and enforces user rights that define what can be done with the data. Intelligent use of the tools within EMS will support GDPR compliance, allowing you to manage user identities, apps, devices and document security. It can even identify abnormalities in user behaviour.

Office 365: The third solution within Microsoft 365, Office 365 enables you to access your documents, email, calendars, contacts, team sites, and meetings on your mobile devices. Plus, with Office 365 mobile apps you can view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files – and more – on the go.

Microsoft Azure

Identifying what data you have and controlling who has access to it is a critical requirement of the GDPR. Azure enables you to manage user identities and credentials and control access to your data in several ways and we will explain how.

Omni-channel, PCI-compliant Contact Centres

From entry-level to sophisticated, high-end solutions, GCI’s Contact Centre options enable omni-channel customer communication, including email, social media, IM and telephone. Our PCI Compliant Contact Centre solutions reduces PCI DSS (for Payment Card Security) controls on retail organisations ahead of GDPR by approximately 96%, available as a cost-effective plug-in. Further options designed to improve the customer journey and avoid Interactive Voice Response (IVR) “clunkiness” include advanced speech analytics, Artificial Intelligence and enhanced ID validation.

GDRP Assessment, Advice and Action

Prepare for GDPR Compliance with GCI

In conjunction with multi-award-winning law firm Gilson Gray, GCI are holding a series of complimentary GDPR Compliance events in Glasgow and Edinburgh in order to inform and help businesses prepare for GDPR. Click on any of the following dates to learn more and register:

17th May – Millennium Hotel, Glasgow

31st May – Microsoft Waverley Gate, Edinburgh

7th June – Millennium Hotel, Glasgow

21st June – Microsoft Waverley Gate, Edinburgh