A Flexible SMS Solution

GCI’s SMS API is designed for businesses who want to embed SMS into their existing business systems so they can reach staff, customers and prospects quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Integrating seamlessly with your CRM system, the API communicates with our technology via simple HTTP requests. A free implementation manual ensures development is straightforward.


GCI SMS API Benefits

Pound Sign IconBuy credits: Pre-purchased in bulk, the GCI SMS API keeps track of credits used and deducts them from your account when messages are successfully sent. One credit equals one SMS up to a limit of 160 characters. For messages over 160 characters in length, each credit equals 153 characters.


Gear IconStatus Queries: The status of a message can be queried using the GCI SMS API, to confirm that an SMS was successfully delivered to the network.  Please note that these are queries regarding the status of a message, not delivery reports.


Hand IconStop Lists: The mobile number of any contact who opts-out of receiving your messages will be stored on your client database, alongside any numbers you choose to add manually. The API will alert you if you attempt to send a message to a number on your stop list, and no credits will be deducted.


Circle Info IconAlpha Tagging: Brand your message with a unique sender ID; this can be your brand, company or promotion name. The tag will appear as the “from” address on the recipients mobile instead of a mobile number.


Chat IconResponse Management: Any inbound SMS that are received can be automatically e-mailed to a pre-defined e-mail address or sent via HTTP to any URL – letting you know that your contacts have replied.