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What is Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection?

Strong defences, easily deployed & cost effective

Put simply, a Denial of Service attack is an attempt to saturate bandwidth and/or resources to deny the ability to function. The majority of attacks come from multiple sources hence the term DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service.

Attacks are far more common than most people think. Over 2000 are observed daily. Damage caused ranges from degraded server performance up to network outages lasting days. The largest attack to date almost reached 1 Tbps in size, which rendered many brand name sites unusable. The is due to criminal groups building vast ‘botnets’ of compromised systems and renting out their services through anonymous broker sites.

Our solution provides peace of mind that discrete protection is in place to mitigate even the largest of incidents safeguarding business revenues and reputation.

DDOS protection from GCI

Designed with our existing customers in mind, we have partnered with our upstream Tier 1 providers to filter traffic well before it reaches its target. In the case of a high bandwidth attack this ensures the customer is not affected and able to operate normally.

The benefits to our customers…  

  • Always on service with protection in place 24/7/365
  • Our International Scrubbing Centres ensure that attack traffic is filtered long before it harms your network
  • Multi-Layer protection can prevent Layer 3 – Layer 7 attacks.
  • There is no hardware to install, the service is brought on board by way of routing

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