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What is Managed Cloud PBX?

GCI’s Managed Cloud PBX service provides the full suite of Office 365 applications including Skype for Business, enabling your employees to collaborate more and work from anywhere, resulting in reduced expenditure on calls and travel expenses for your business.

GCI's Managed Cloud PBX Service

GCI’s Managed Cloud PBX service provides you with the support of a highly skilled, “always-available” IT Department at a reduction in cost and overheads. Having access to a highly qualified team that maintains and supports your Office 365 applications will free up internal resource, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Included in GCI’s Managed Cloud PBX offer is access to a managed support web portal, telephone and email delivering the very best level of support, all backed by our industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

GCI’s Managed Cloud PBX service offers telco-grade PSTN and Skype for Business Unified Communications capability that is tightly integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 experience.

Providing you with choice, competitive pricing and peace of mind on PBX management and PSTN calling tariffs, GCI’s Managed Cloud PBX Service is an evergreen technology, so you are always consuming the highest quality enterprise and carrier-grade solutions.

Why Should You Consider It?

  • Per User / Per Month pricing and lower costs than a traditional PBX.
  • If you have no internal IT or telephony support skills or want a higher level of service.
  • If you want reliable, dependent services and backup, so you reap the rewards of business continuity.
  • If you’re looking to migrate and build a modern workplace.
  • If you want a lower cost of ownership on your IT needs.
  • If you are obligated to keep the PSTN services locally with your existing operator.